Jiří Lamač (*1957)
Jiří has attended two courses at the School of Music (evening classes), graduated from conservatory, took piano lessons from Professor Karel Pokora and was employed as organist in the Cathedral of St. George in Mořkov (Moravia) for twelve years. Jiří played in several bands: Water-Supply Spectres (with Emil Pospíšil), ConSpirito, Arx, EKG, and with many individual musicians, e.g. Tomáš Tichák (guitar). He is interested in electronic music, electro-acoustical music and religious music. He plays organ in the Cathedral of St. Bartholomeus in Jívová (Moravia). The range of his activities as an author is very wide and extends standard style borders of classical music, rock, blues and jazz. Some of his compositions take advantage of MIDI control devices, Jiří likes to compose using computers but on the other hand, his jazz compositions prefer spontaneous improvisation.


Petr Večeřa (*1956)
Petr is a drummer - autodidact. In addition to some elementary musical education (uncompleted primary piano course), Petr has acquired the musical basics by listening to bands like Beatles, Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin. Together with Jiří Lamač, and especially with Emil Pospíšil and Tomáš Tichák, he obtained the basic musical experience in the legendary Olomouc band Water-Supply Spectres. After a premature death of Emil Pospíšil, Petr has inclined to jazz and became a percussionist of the Free Jazz Trio, another popular band of Olomouc. He also played in Ponorka Band, Olomoucký Dixieland or HLT. Petr plays drums and percussions with a strong accent on their onomatopoeia, being under the influence of Carl Palmer, Bill Bruford, Buddy Rich or John Ershine.


Zdeněk Dohnal (*1948)
Zdeněk, a bassist, plays also bass fiddle or bass guitar. He has played in many chamber music formations, he finds inspiration in František Uhlíř, Ray Brown or George Mráz. Zdeněk plays fundamental figures as well as jazz passages with unusual melodies full of unexpected rhythmic and harmonic turns.

Contact: +00420 606 870 331,

Jakub Červenka (*1972)
Jakub (tenor saxophone) is an untiring jazzman inspired mostly by Dexter Gordon. Since the studies of classic clarinet at the Conservatory in Ostrava he has occupied himself with jazz and saxophone, which has resulted in his periodical performances at summer jazz workshops and various jam sessions. He founded his own band (Blue Train) in 1997 and restored it as Blue Train Jazz Quintet in 2003. Although his style is influenced mostly with hard bop or modern mainstream, he successfully commands his massive tone also in rather different extents that often occur at performances of Blue Canisters. Jakub started to play in the band in March 2003 and, in the same year, he experienced a very successful performance at the Jazz A Little Otherwise Festival in Lanškroun.


Alexandr Zarivnij (*1979)
Alexandr, a guitar player, attended a one-year guitar course at the Elementary Music School in Konice, then he studied at the State Conservatory of P. J. Vejvanovský in Kroměříž. Alexandr played in the rock band Quercus and in Black Rose that has been restored recently. He also plays in bands as Astor or Taranis, a unique synthesis of symphonic music (influenced by J. S. Bach, Vivaldi, Janáček, Wágner, Chopin, Paganini and other old masters) and metal music combined with Celtic features. Occasionally, he also plays in other formations.
At present, Alexandr teaches guitar at the IŠA Private Music School in Olomouc. He finds inspiration in George Bellas, Rusty Cooley, Frank Gambale, A. Desiderio and classic old masters.