The Czech band Blue Canisters was founded in the middle of 2002 in Olomouc. The band consists of three musicians and it often invites talented young musicians to cooperate on concerts and other projects on long-term basis. Blue Canisters play modern electric jazz with unmistakable improvisatory passages. As the "Discovery of the Year 2003" the band was granted an invitation to Jazz A Little Otherwise Festival in Lanškroun. Blue Canisters perform in jazz clubs (Jazz Tibet Club Olomouc), pubs (Ponorka, Blues Bar Garch) as well as at modern-art exhibitions' opening nights or at open-air events (Divadelní léto).

Blue Canisters

All band members have their own musical projects in addition to Blue Canisters. Creativity and experience of all players had brought forth a unique formation that is hard to rank within standard musical styles.

Jiří Lamač - keyboards (Yamaha SY-99,MU-100r,VL-1m + B-Controler), harmonica
Petr Večeřa - drums, percussions
Zdeněk Dohnal - contrabass, bass guitar
Jakub Červenka - tenor saxophone
Alexandr Zarivnij - electric guitar

All musicians have been and still are employed in many other bands. The musical performances of Blue Canisters are based on their own works and improvisatory passages in which we can hear the echoes of other musical styles (rock, blues, religious music).
For a band of three, their sound is surprisingly rich, namely thanks to the potential of electro-acoustical instruments and improvisatory commitment of all musicians.

In their synthesis of styles, Blue Canisters present harmonic and rhythmic abundance extending the borders of usual jazz-like interpretations, which enables them to attract any kind of audience that expects originality and surprise.